• Static studies of reinforced concrete buildings
  • Mechanical studies for buildings
  • Exterior and Interior building architectural studies

Domylka & Co with know-how for more than 40 years, in a wide range of constructions, focuses on private projects either on land owned by a third party through exchanges, either on land owned by the company.

The constant supervision on critical constructional parameters at all stages of the project and in particular the construction of the building-shell, made of reinforced concrete, it principally ensures the use of the finest quality structural materials, (concrete, steel), and the accurate implementation of the static study at the building’s actual construction, based on the latest anti-seismic regulations.

The goal of Domylka & Co is the prototypal and modern architectural design, which is conducted by company’s experienced architects, with main objective the design exceptionality at each project, the maximization of space exploitation and the building’s high functionality. Additionally, the high-level building construction methods applied with the use of the finest quality structural materials, the continuous supervision at each stage of the project, conducted by both a civil engineer and an experienced technical foreman and definitely the project implementation by high qualified and skilled technical crews, simply constitutes a guarantee of technical and constructional reliability of the company’s projects.

The high structural building quality in combination with the long experience of Domylka & Co in the field of constructions, the know-how and the use of premium quality structural materials, provide to our customers end-to-end solutions and high-standard projects. In addition, the selection of our structural-material suppliers is conducted according to strict criteria of safety and quality.

Therefore, Domylka & Co is in close and long-term collaboration with reputed and recognized structural-material suppliers in the area of constructions business, ensuring the completeness and the reliability of our projects.

The interior building design, as well as the selection of the equipment and materials used, is performed in cooperation with the current customer and the company’s civil engineer, based always in his/her personal character and aesthetics.
For all these reasons, Domylka & Co is able to deliver reliable, safe and fully functional residences.

The company provides technical support at all levels of the building, after the project completion, in cooperation with a civil engineer, a technical foreman and qualified technical crews.