Domylka & Co. : Construction of high functional buildings

Domylka & Co was founded in 1976 and is a technical-construction company that specializes in the erection of deluxe apartment buildings, luxurious private homes, modern professional premises and supermarkets at the area of south suburb of Attiki and especially in the municipality of Elliniko-Argiroupoli, where the company’s headquarters are located. The company’s activities extend throughout Attica and beyond.

The goal of Domylka & Co is the prototypal and contemporary architectural design, which is conducted by company’s experienced architects, with main objective the design exceptionality in each project and the maximization of handiness and functionality of building’s space. In addition, the high level building construction with the use of the finest quality structural materials, the continuous supervision at each stage of the project, conducted by both a civil engineer and an experienced technical foreman of our company and definitely the project implementation by high qualified and skilled technical crews, simply constitutes a guarantee of technical and constructional reliability of the company’s buildings that are always characterized by a modern and innovative architectural design.

The company’s philosophy is the construction of superior quality apartment buildings and professional stores of high functionality, with strict observance of the latest anti-seismic regulations, at the most competitive prices and within the contracted delivery time of the project.

In parallel, there is the possibility for our clients with the on time selection of their apartment house, to participate at the formation of the apartment, based on their personal needs and character. The direct contact and relationship with our clients in combination with the technical support during the project and especially after the completion of it, is actually the most important advantage of Domylka & Co.

The experience and knowledge of our company for more than 40 years in the erection of high technical-quality residences, in combination with the ergonomic and innovative architectural study, is the ascendancy point of our company against our competitors, providing to our clients supreme quality buildings and services, at all levels.

Finally, the increased competitiveness at the privileged areas, where the company focuses its activities, is actually an additional motivation in order to execute successful projects, with unique and exceptional architectural design, at antagonistic cost and undoubtedly with respect to the environment protection, a parameter that comprises an important part of the general business policy and the medium-long term growth of Domylka & Co.